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Skin Types
Laser Treatment Procedure
Female Laser Treatment Areas
Male Laser Treatments Areas
Pre Treatment Instructions

Post Treatment Care

Laser hair removal is the leading method used to remove unwanted hair. As it pulsates through the skin, a high-intensity laser light finds hair follicles and destroys each follicle with heat. Laser light finds hair by its color or pigment. The darker and coarser the hair color, the easier the laser can find hair follicles and destroy their ability to grow.

Skin Types

Let our experts determine the laser that’s right for your skin.

Regardless of your skin type, laser hair removal technology works well for just about everybody. Because of advancements in technology, our lasers offer great results for various hair colors and skin types—including all ethnicities.

When tanning season is here
Sure, you may want a deep dark tan to go along with hair free, smooth skin, but tanning diminishes the results of laser treatment. That means giving the sun, tanning beds and lotions a vacation during treatment. For the laser to work best, a skin to hair contrast must be visible to the eye and to the laser.

In short—bronzed skin tone from a day on the boat typically requires postponing treatment until the skin tone fades.

Cynosure Apogee Elite Laser Dual Laser used for following skin types–

  • Nd: YAG 1064 nm–Recommended for thick dark colored hairs, and medium to dark skin tone.
  • Alexandrite 755nm-Indicated for medium to dark hair and fair to medium skin tone.

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Laser Treatment Procedure

Here's a look inside the hair removal procedure, so that you know what to expect.

Before Treatment
The treatment procedure involves paperwork first. Arrive a few minutes early to complete some paperwork–medical history, current meds and contact information.

Before the treatment, a consultation is the starting point. A Registered Nurse (RN) will sit down to discuss what results you would like to achieve. She will review history forms and review the consent for treatment form before the procedure begins.

The RN selects which laser and/or which procedure is best for your skin type. All pre and post treatment instructions/precautions will be discussed–then she will develop a treatment plan best for you.

A written price quote will explain costs for each treatment, package details and cost savings. Also included –pricing of any maintenance treatment (discounts start at your seventh treatment).

Depending on treatment location, the nurse will walk you through the process advising you what to do during the procedure.

During Treatment

Wear eye protection – it’s mandatory

Each laser requires a different pair of safety glasses to filter harmful rays. And it’s simply because each laser varies in wavelength. Everyone in the treatment room must use the safety glasses for eye protection. That means— nurses, clients and in-treatment room visitors must all wear protective eye wear.

Length of treatments depends on hair density and size of treatment area. Runs from 10 to 90 minutes.

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Female Laser Treatment Areas

Common treatment areas for women include the upper lip, chin, eyebrows, underarms, bikini, and legs.

Whether clients want a basic or full bikini treatment, underwear removal may be necessary. With the bikini line, underwear edges are usually pulled back to ensure an even line and to prevent underwear damage.

  • Facial Hair—Remove unwanted hair around the upper lip, chin, along the jaw line, below temples near the ears and eyebrows. Working with clean skin renders the best results. Before getting started, we cleanse the skin of makeup. Chemicals from cosmetics may hinder the effectiveness of treatment, cause adverse skin effects or skin discoloration.
  • Eyebrows—After help you decipher a nice shape for your eyebrows, make-up is removed and then the procedure begins.
  • Underarm Area—Enjoy silky smooth underarm skin after we clear the entire area. Baby wipes remove any deodorant at the time of treatment–a clean surface helps increase effectiveness of the laser treatment. Going back to work? We offer spray deodorant or baby powder, to help you feel clean and dry. Apply deodorant shortly after laser treatment–only if the skin does not feel hot.
  • Legs—Select a partial area, that includes the calves and ankles. Or toss the razor altogether and enjoy a full leg treatment, that includes the ankles, calves and thighs.
  • Bikini Area—Women-We offer four treatment levels to help you select the level right for you–don’t be shy, we have seen it all.

    Basic Bikini—removes hair along edge of and inside panty line and abdominal trail. A popular choice for women who no longer want hair exposed while wearing swimsuit.

    Extended Bikini—Still want us to take more off? Same as Basic Bikini but leaves a smaller patch of hair OR goes further down the thigh.

    Limited Bikini—includes above, plus gluteal fold or anal area, labia, and leaves a patch of hair to your comfort level. You choose the right look for you.

    Full Bikini—at your command, we take it all. A great choice for those accustom to continual waxing and shaving—or if you simply want zero hair. Not sure? Remember this choice is permanent.

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Male Laser Treatment Areas

Common treatment areas for men include the arms, back, bikini, and legs. More than ever, men are now requesting removal of ear hair, facial hair including nose, and beard lines, chin and neck. Not surprisingly, more men request bikini treatments.

Whether clients desire a basic or full bikini treatment, underwear removal may be necessary. With the bikini line, underwear edges are usually pulled back to ensure an even line and to prevent underwear damage. To see more male specific male services, visit the males services page or click here.

Bikini Area-Men
Select from four treatment levels and select the level right for you–don’t be shy, we have seen it all.

Basic Bikini, Men—Removes hair along edge of underwear line and portion inside underwear – Includes inner thigh and seat area—a popular choice for cyclists.

Extended Bikini—Similar to above, but leaves a smaller patch of hair. Includes feathering at inner thighs.

Limited Bikini—Same as above- plus a larger portion of pubic area, gluteal fold (anus) and scrotum. Another popular choice for cyclists.

Full Bikini—Clears hair in the entire pubic region, including the gluteal fold (anus), and scrotum. A feathering technique is used to thin the hair on the top portion of the thighs in the front and back.

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Laser Hair Removal Pre-treatment Instruction:

When tanning season is here—Avoid the Sun
Sure, you may want a deep dark tan to go along with hair free, smooth skin, but tanning diminishes the results of laser treatment. That means giving the sun, tanning beds and lotions a vacation during treatment. For the laser to work best, a skin to hair contrast must be visible to the eye and to the laser.

Little bit of stubble—A good thing
Best practices– continue shaving and clipping hairs at home. Best to do just a few days before the procedure. Visible stubble helps us out. Short hair is easily missed–long hair can be more painful. Forgot to shave? No problem, we can clip it before treatment.

Please do not wax or tweeze–the hair root must be present - tweezing or waxing will remove the root and we cannot kill it if it's gone!

Men with thick beards
Shave the morning of the appointment–facial hair will be visible and workable by late afternoon appointment time. Working on thick facial hair can be sensitive. We want to increase your overall comfort throughout the procedure. With too much growth, the procedure can feel too intense. As the hair grows out, it becomes thinner. We encourage you to come in with somewhat longer hairs when it begins to thin–that helps us work with finer hairs.

Stop bleaching 7-10 days before next procedure
Still have some bleached hairs at treatment time? Not to worry, these hairs will die, but will not burn off completely during treatment.

Cease the tweeze immediately—same goes for waxing
Before the next appointment, do not tweeze or wax for at least 10-14 days. Even better, opt for shaving or clipping with small scissors.

Post-treatment Instructions:

Redness and bumps are normal and usually last about two hours. The sunburn feeling could stick around from 4 to 48 hours. Apply cold compress to relieve discomfort.

Cosmetics use + frequent moisturizer
Heading back to the office? Apply makeup and moisturizer only if the skin does not feel hot. Heavy makeup traps heat which prolongs redness. Opt for powder make up or minerals. Use moisturizers liberally–it helps exfoliate dead hair from follicles.

Avoid alpha-hydroxy-based moisturizers because they can cause local skin irritation. *Ask our nurses when to resume alpha-hydroxy product use.

Sun exposure
Avoid the sun and always use at least 25 SPF throughout treatment. Light or dark spots may appear on treated areas when exposed to the sun’s ultra violet rays. Wide-brimmed hats provide additional sun shield. Cover up when out in the sun for long periods of time.

Avoid picking or scratching treated skin. Moisturize if the area becomes irritated.

In between treatments
Shaving or clipping hair is suggested. Tweezing or waxing is not. That’s because such hair removal methods hinder the results you want to achieve–smooth silky, hair-free skin.

Hair color and skin tone—please click here to see recommendations in the skin types section.

Shedding hair?
Good- that’s what we want and it may occur from 5 to 30 days after treatment. Don’t confuse shedding with new growth, it’s not the same thing. Most likely, you are seeing dead hair that’s being released from the follicle. Rub the area to exfoliate hairs–it works great in the shower with a washcloth or loofah sponge.

Reduce underarm skin irritation
For the first 24 hours, use powder instead of deodorant–it feels better. Resume use of deodorant when skin no longer feels hot.

For best results–schedule the first four treatments in 4 to 8 week intervals
Ears, neck – 4 weeks
Shoulders, arms, chest, back, abdomen, bikini – 4 to 6 weeks
Legs – 8 weeks

Repeat treatments deliver quality results
Although minimal hair growth may appear in between sessions, treating the entire area during the interval window ensures the best results. Remember to schedule your next appointment in advance.

Have any questions or concerns? Please call Affordable Laser at 303-466-6622 or email us at nurse@laserRN.com

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Want Laser Hair Removal Prices? For a complete price list of all the services we offer, click here.

Which areas do you want us to tackle next? We will give you detailed descriptions, pricing guarantees and maintenance rates to help you decide. Click here to make an appointment online or call us at 303-466-6622.

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