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Female Specific Services
Laser Hair Removal Overview & Services

At Affordable Laser, we can remove all the hair with laser or electrolysis treatments.

Common Treatment Areas for Men

Removing the lower part of the beard decreases sensitivity from shaving. Removing the full beard, completely eliminates shaving.

Hairs around the eye area, inside the nose, near the beard, etc. – please ask for a price.

Full sculpting of the male brows helps decrease bushiness while retaining a masculine, yet well-groomed look. While other guys prefer just cleaning up the "uni-brow”.

Ears and Nose
Do you have hairs you don't like? With a series of laser treatments, significantly reduce the time and frequency spent grooming the ear and nose areas. From the inner and outer ear area, inside the nose, on top of the nose, watch it all disappear.

The back is one of the most common treatment areas. Full back includes: back of neck, upper arms, full back to just below belt line. Still need more removed? Ask about additional fee.

Basic Bikini-removes hair along edge of underwear line and portion inside underwear - includes feathering or blending hair at the inner thigh and seat area. A popular choice among cyclists.

Extended Bikini- Similar to above, but leaves a smaller patch of hair, includes feathering at inner thighs.

Full Bikini - removes all hair in pubic area, gluteal fold (anus) and scrotum.  Another popular choice among cyclists.

Please ask for a customized treatment if you require more hair removal in the pubic or other areas. Let our RNs, help you achieve the look you want.

Full Legs- some guys just want to thin their leg hair, others want less maintenance for bike riding and racing season. Full legs require about 3 hours. Includes feathering at buttocks, up to the underwear line and down to the toes.

Either for thinning the amount of hair on the arms or to show off those fabulous muscles. Treatments last about 1 hour. Includes feathering effect at shoulders, if needed, full arm to fingertips.

Chest & Abdomen
A very popular area, price and time varies. From $100 to $400 per treatment, can take 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Usually for thinning the hair, but also for complete removal. We see many bodybuilders, especially before competitions.

Not seeing exactly what you want? Remember, we can do it all! Just call or set up an appointment online.


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