Laser RN is here for you!

Affordable, Professional, Well-Educated, Well-Trained, as well as flexible around family and social events, business on MY terms. These were the goals I had in mind when I was dreaming of my own business.

As a hard working Iowa farm girl who enjoyed working as an RN in the hospital (especially the ER or ED as they call it now!) I just wanted to work that hard on my own terms, doing something I really enjoyed and could set my schedule around. (What woman is not interested in being low-maintenance, or slowing down the aging process!)

As a woman with PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) I struggled with facial hair. I had several years of Electrolysis and had great results. My Electrologist was able to set her own hours and days off- I wanted that! So I did it!

Incorporated in February 2001, my company slowly keep growing. Today we have several full time and part time staff, all able to enjoy making a difference in people’s lives, improving skin with hair removal, collagen treatments, chemical peels and pigmented lesion treatments. Reducing the signs of aging with botox and fillers (Debbie’s passion!) and teaching about sunscreens, skin bleaching, skin moisture etc.

We are a clinic of strong, passionate, loving women, enjoying making a difference in the lives of the hairy, spotted, wrinkled and aging client!