Sun Spots – More Information

Pigmented Lesions

Sun Spots – More Information

Pigmented Lesions

Sun Spot Removal

Restore skin to its natural color with anti-aging laser technology

Consider laser treatments for sun spots-you’ll love your new skin!

The Colorado sun offers plenty of radiance, Vitamin D and endless hours of outdoor activity. But too much sun packs a punishing result- sun spots or lentigos. Sun spots and other hyper-pigmentation appears on the skin as a darker color. It looks like a freckle but usually about the size of a pencil eraser, and sometimes larger.

Laser technology is one of the leading methods to quickly diminish the look of sun spots.  So, say good-bye to bleaching creams and let laser treatments erase the spotty look.

Though commonly found in people with fair skin, sun spots can appear on almost any skin tone from repeated sun exposure/damage. Often found on the face and chest, the back and shoulders are also susceptible areas where sunscreen is often missed or forgotten altogether.

Although hair removal requires a series of laser treatments as hairs grow in cycles, sun spots are often significantly reduced in just one treatment.

How it works.

The laser burns off the pigment, so the darker the spot, the better the result. Dark spots become even darker, almost black. Then, the spot crusts up and flakes off. When treating the face, it can take 10-14 days before the crusting is completely gone. Crusting on the back, shoulders and chest may take 15 days or more before spots disappear. But the skin tone under the crusting is nicely matched to the surrounding skin tone. Wow! The results are impressive. Soon after treatment, most people say it looks pretty rough. Most opt not to do the procedure just before big social events. But when people see the results, they say, “Oh my goodness it looks amazing.”

What our satisfied customers are saying—

“It’s the best money I ever spent.”

“It has taken years off my face.”

“I used bleaching cream for years with only minimal results; with the laser it was gone in two weeks!”

Sun Spot Tip

Sprouting up new sun spots? Remember to limit sun exposure.
Stop sun spots before the show up on your delicate skin. Prevention is the best solution that keeps skin looking its best. Remember to use sunscreen with high SPF ratings, 30 or above. Reapply sunscreen when out in the sun for several hours. Wide-brimmed hats and long sleeves pay dividends by shielding skin from the sun’s punishing effects.